Classes: $500.00

Includes: 30 hours of classroom instruction
12 hours of behind the wheel instruction
6 hours of observation
2 hour Parent Class

Road Practice Driving: $40.00 per hour

Registry Road Test: $140.00

Driver Ed Students enrolled in one of our classes
$140.00 - Individuals not enrolled in a class

Road Lesson Cancellation Fee: $25.00

The student who made the appointment will be charged a cancellation fee if they do not cancel their road lesson 24 hours prior to the lesson.
(This includes students who do not confirm their lessons; we call an hour or 2 before to confirm your road lesson.)

Road Test Cancellation Fee: $70.00

$35.00 is to paid at our location and $35 is to paid to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
If you book a road test with us, you must cancel it 2 weeks prior to the exam date to not be charged a cancellation fee.