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Sonia's Driving School goal is only to produce licensed individuals , But also safe, confident and defensive drivers.

Allow have been able to maintain an excellent pass rate because you though this procedure which can be nerve wracking and scary
We have been able to maintain an excellent pass rate because of our beliefs. Our clients not only go on to be licensed drivers, but because of their experience at the driving school are given the opportunity to live richer and fuller lives by becoming and competent drivers
Our teenage driver education program is respected throughout the community. We teach the program at our own classroom location
Our training vehicles are well maintained and are equipped with the two break system. This is not only required by law but also for the safety of all the occupants of the vehicle.
All vehicles feature safety top signs, especially designed for our school. They provide additional visual notice to other drivers when our student is slowing down, stopping or changing lanes. Other drivers are much more understanding when they realize a student is operating the training vehicles.
  Checklist Before Your Test

Applicants are expected to be completely familiar with the requirements of the test and have to have had the sufficient tuition in preparation of the road test.

-Do you have a valid permit? Do you have the correct RMV fees?

  The Vehicle

The being used must be appropriate for the class of license test. The vehicle must be road worthy and be sure to check: Current registration- All brake, lights work- indicacators are working - Tires have sufficienty tread - horn works- Emergency brake holds.

Be sure to arrive at the test site BEFORE the arranged time. A late arrival may result in the test being cancelled.

  Test Drivers & Restrictions

The more passengers that pile into the car with a teenage driver, the greater the risk of accident that will kill the driver, this is the result of a research team after an extensive study.

The risk of death increase for drivers with passengers, regardless of the time of day or the sex of the driver, althhough males'risk is greater.

To aid teenage drivers, recommended is a graduated licencing system for teens: a supervised learners permit, an intermediate license and a full privilege drivers license. The study suggests that teen should not be allowed to drive after 10PM,when overall driver death rates are higher that earlier in the day, and that the $ of passengers should be restricted the stages of driver's Training.